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you were made to be a woman of influence

a woman who not only pours out to those around her, but receives from those who’ve gone before her. unfortunately, busy schedules can make it difficult to balance the two dynamics. because of that it’s easy to feel discouraged, depleted and ill-equipped as a woman of influence. but you were made for more. so you’re worthy of a convenient space that encourages, inspires, and empowers you.

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a convenient space

gain 24/7 access to resources that will help you grow as a woman of influence.

practical tools

teachings, guides, video clips and more, from women who believe you were made to live a life of impact.

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an opportunity to influence

you have a powerful story that needs to be heard and we created a space for parts of it to be told.

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“when we come together and are side-by-side, something wonderful will be released. we can expect to be co-encouraged and co-comforted by each other’s faith.”

romans 1:12

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living an influential life

at PRISM Collective we are passionate to see women just like you fulfill their God-given purpose. join us and step confidently into who God’s called you to be with ongoing encouragement and practical empowerment through our digital platform.

Collection of women on different electronics

living an influential life

at PRISM Collective we are passionate to see women just like you fulfil their God given purpose. join us and step confidently into who God’s called you to be with ongoing encouragement and practical empowerment through our digital platform.

Collection of women on different electronics
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Your story is someone elses breakthrough

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thoughts from our community

real women of all ages from different walks of life growing in their influence

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"after two traumatic losses i was an utterly broken mess. the team at PRISM Collective has been instrumental in my healing process. the way they mentored through God’s word and His truth through prophetic words resulted in the transformation of my brokenness into a strong, confident woman who was eventually released from strongholds that had kept me paralyzed in fear. when i had no blood family to lean on for support, God lead me to these ladies who all live several states away from me. my goal is to meet everyone within PRISM someday soon, and give each of them a ginormous Texas hug and thank them for being part of my journey of redemption, from broken into beautiful."
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"i feel like God has shifted my perspective since connecting to the women in PRISM. it’s making me able to see more clearly; to see God, and to feel Him and hear Him. it’s almost like there’s this shield He has in front of me, where i am able to see the responsibilities and the pressures in front of me but they aren’t penetrating anymore. i’m seeking God. especially with parenting. He’s working in me and i’m learning to be patient… and even when it’s really hard, myself and other women just keep showing up on the zoom calls. the commitment continues because it pays off. i’m in a really hopeful state."
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"PRISM has slowly reintroduced God to me. not just as a powerful spiritual figure, but as a Father. it’s pushed me to go deeper with Him and i began to have conversations with my boyfriend out of the blue about how i was feeling regarding intimacy. i’d previously assumed his faith was not as strong as mine so i felt uncomfortable even mentioning anything about it. but the more my love for God grew, the more i found myself wanting to honor Him as much as i could, and i realized i couldn’t maximize on that if i continued to compromise."
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"here’s the description i’ll give of PRISM as a whole, and it’s leadership: God prepares a table and each one of us brings a piece of ourselves that make up a feast. we are united in mind and spirit in such an organic, authentic way that only God could perfectly orchestrate such synchronicity. it’s humbling to be part of what He is doing in the lives of women through PRISM. every zoom call leads to a greater measure of freedom. what joy i get to do this with such powerhouse women."
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"i have been in church my whole life... i’ve been in women’s groups and Bible studies; even lead years ago. but i have never seen women live with the level of freedom and peace that i have seen in PRISM Collective... i am so drawn to that freedom. i have certainly grown in my walk with the Lord since finding the group... it's refreshing to log on and experience a whole different kind of community."
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"PRISM validates and normalizes the challenges and spiritual battles that women of any age go through. it’s almost as if i can see myself in these women as they share from the most vulnerable, raw, and unfiltered places... at the time (i joined PRISM) i was going through “stress”. i began questioning my role in the marketplace and my worth, and i didn’t have the strength to say the truths that Jesus says about me. Jesus used PRISM to...help me see through his eyes. i am grateful for anyone that collaborates in creating the teachings because the Lord knows how thirsty and desperate his daughters are to have spiritual mothers like these, especially for such a time as this."

what exactly is PRISM Collective?

here at PRISM collective we know that your heart’s desire is to grow as a woman of influence. you want to be impactful in your marketplace, church, college campus and family. unfortunately, life never slows down and you can find yourself so busy that it becomes difficult to receive what you need to continually pour out to others. which sometimes leads to feeling discouraged, depleted and maybe a little ill-equipped as a woman of influence.

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